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This is the worst example of customer service I've ever experienced. Was trying to move service for my parents from one address to another in the same small town. Vartec is the carrier. The've not yet moves the service. So far my parents have been without a phone for almost a month.

At first Vartec said we gave them the wrong address, but they never bothered to call the contact number I gave them to let me know. Then they told me I gave them the wrong zip code. Even though the zip code for the whole city is the same.

Now they just leave me on permanent hold, too many times for it to be a mistake. Even when I ask to speak with a supervisor, I'm left on hold.

This has been going on the entire time. If this had been my service, I would have cancelled them on the second call. In this case, I tried to work through it because it was my parent's phone line. Bad mistake.

Please be warned - - don't use Vartec.

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Whatever you do.....AVOID using Vartec and many of these dial around services. They add substantial hidden charges to your ATT bill, then ATT says they have no control over these charges and won't take them off. This goes on for months wasting your time and money.


Vartec is the subject of a criminal investigation.

All witnesses should contact the FCC immediately to help provide more evidence.

Thank you.


This evil company sicks collection agencies over a small disputed bill that we NEVER ordered!

Can we open a Federal Grand Jury on these guys?

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