VarTec repeatedly tries to bill me falsely for service never requested. I am NOT a VarTec customer, NEVER HAVE BEEN. They a billing to an address that doesn't exist, and a phone number I don't recognize.

Repeated phone calls netted NO satisfaction, except a weak explanation that "their computer system is down and they can't verify anything right now". First bill and followup call were in Dec 09, and now a second bill has arrived in Feb 10, and a second call was as fruitless as the first.

Sounds like a BOILER ROOM SCAM!!!! How can they run a phone system that they can't even operate. FCC is my next stop.

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Twice in 6 months I have had the pleasure of speaking to Vartec reps who run a good excuse game. My 87 year old mother's phone is being charged for their service, so I call to ask what this is about and am told that she called their access number and this is why they are billing.

There is no contract necessary; really? The first time I called her local provider and they told me they would block any further billing from my mother's line. I am not sure how then a number of months later Vartec bills for a usage fee, but they did. So that was my second pleasant call to Vartec.

There will be no further calls to this company, telling them that they are fraudulent.

I am writing everyone, from Assembly to Congress to Senate to FCC. Some how this has to be stopped!


I,unbelievably, just had my phone company REMOVE their charges! AND they blocked the company from making any more charges on my bills! Well, wait until next month, and we'll see...


Yes, Vartec is a shaddy co.Their customer

service is a nightmare.They bill whatever they think they can get away with.They play the "shell game" and refer your complaints

to your local provider.Forget calling them.

Call the F.C.C.or your congressman.

BTW Vartec's phone # is 1-800-583-2970.

All you pissed off people,call this # over & over,jam their call center lines.


out of the blue vartec sends me a bill for a long distance call of 2$, then tacks on $8 more for their "minimum" service. i dont use vartec!!!!!!!!

calls up the line to 3 of their staff yielded nothing! they are ripping me off.

whatever you do, DO NOT USE THIS OUTFIT! they are total crooks


Whatever you do.....AVOID using Vartec and many of these dial around services. They add substantial hidden charges to your ATT bill, then ATT says they have no control over these charges and won't take them off. This goes on for months wasting your time and money.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #162922

my current verizon bill has a charge on it from your vartec for $8.15

I did not make this call & have no intention of paying for this.


Vartec is evil and the people who run it should be sent to jail like Maddoff.



Same exact thing has happened to me. Someone else used my home phone # to make vartec calls, and I'm getting the bills.

I called once, had bill credited, and was assured that the numbers were removed. A month later, and I get another bill...

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