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Do not use Vartec phone service for your long distance calls unless you want to be ripped off.

I sent two faxes which was .30 each, a total of .60

When I received my phone bill the charge to Vartec was $8.82. They had the following charges.

1. Fax 3.0 min .030

2. Fax 3.0 min .030

3. Fed Univ. SRV Fund Reimbursement .59

4. Dimeline Monthly USG fee 1.95

5. Carrier Cost Recovery Fee 1.97

6. Vartec Long Dist. Min. Usage Fee 2.98

Total Gharges 7.49


7. Federal .00

8. State and Local .73

Total Vartec 8.82

Needless to say I am no longer with Vartec

Monetary Loss: $8.

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Yes they are horrendous!

their staff is so incompetent it is no wonder there are so many "mistakes" on the bills!

so check ur bills.

yesterday i was on for 3 hours and ended up in tears (which shows how bad they were as i should be used to this by now).

the outsourcing in the carribean is the worst..the supervisor was mocking and rude..

it was so bad it doesnt even sound believable.

does anyone knw which company is the best for long distance..i want to switch now!

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