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I have had this company hang up on me repeatedly and tell me I dialed the wrong 800 number and then be told to call the on e that I just dialed.

The best advice is to NEVER use them as your telephone service. I have ended service and switched to another company but can never get a human to speak to me on the phone and clear up "their" billing errors on my last bill!

It has been and continues to be a very negative experience that I want to end. I will have to file another complaint with my State's Public Utility Commission.

If you have problems I suggest you do the same.

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In Aug. 2010 they charged me 4 times for that month's bill.

After I brought this to their attention they gave me credit in following months. This year on my Sept.

bill they added back the overcharge which they made last year. After 2 phone calls I was told the charge was returned (electronic funds transfer) A check with my account shows no refund!


When I found charges for long calls I didn't make on my phone bill from Verizon, the company I signed up with for long distance service, USBI, told me that all of their billing disputes were handled by Vartec and theat I should call them at 1-800-583-2970. After more than 30 minutes on hold, I spoke with a representative anmed Randall who had me give him detailed information on all of the phone calls that were in dispute, date, time, location etc.

Immediately following my giving him this information, he informed me that all the telephone calls were made from my number, and that no charges would be reversed or cancelled under any circumstances. I asked to speak with his supervisor but was told that the only way I could do that would be for someone to call me back within the next 24 hours, so I agreed to this arrangement. Now we'll see if anyone does actually call me back.

I'm keeping a detailed record of all communication and activity with Vartec, and if I do not get these charges reversed I'll be submitting information writing to USBI, Verizon, and authorities as this action progresses.

These companies have to be regulated in some way so as to force them to stop adding charges to phone bills for calls that have not been made, or else a class action suit needs to be brought against them, togeteher with possibly a criminal suit for whatever charges are applicable for any company that bills customers for services not received; but the only way this can be done is for anyone having a dispute to keep a detailed record of all contact with the company or companies involved.


To all those looking for information on Vartec telecom . Here is there contact Information Excel Communications

based in invering tx toll free customer service number 1-877-668-0808 online good luck to all those this company has wronged


Does anyone have a real contact number for this company. My third party biller gave me 1-800-583-2970 as the number to call to discontinue service.

When I call it, you can go through a menu of options before it cuts you off repeatedly. Help????


Whatever you do.....AVOID using Vartec and many of these dial around services. They add substantial hidden charges to your ATT bill, then ATT says they have no control over these charges and won't take them off. This goes on for months wasting your time and money.

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