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Update by user Sep 10, 2013

I just received the letter I sent to VarTec back as undeliverable. Unbelievable!

They took a payment of $51 and I called and asked if this was a final payment and they said it was, we'll see.

They did finally turn the phone off, but it wasn't until I stopped payment on the $76 charge they tried to get. I'll let you know if I've heard the last from these thieves.

Original review posted by user Aug 24, 2013

This is the letter I sent to Vartec, unbelievably bad customer service. It's actually the worse service I have ever encountered. I had to pay the bank $35 to stop payment on the electronic withdrawal because they attempted to take the ole amount of $76.90 out of the account a few weeks ago.


P O Box 130

Irving, TX 75039

August 24, 2013

Dear Customer Service Dept,

RE: A. A. Mallak, Account No: #####, Phone No: 414-321-xxxx

I have tried repeatedly to get service from your customer service department via your toll free number, but instead have been taken advantage of and deceived. I called on July 5, 2013 to have my mom, Angela Mallak’s, phone downgraded. After much prodding I was offered a plan for $23.52, all was well until I received the July bill. Much to my surprise the bill had not been adjusted. I then called on 7/29/13, and asked why the bill was wrong. I was told that the plan that I was offered was not available, when I asked why it had been offered to me, the rep could not provide any specifics. I said this is ridiculous and there is no way I am paying this inflated rate of $76.90, for a basic land line, especially one that isn’t even being used! I then asked that the phone be immediately disconnected. I was told the phone would be immediately unavailable and I said fine. I was very angry and had an extremely difficult time understanding the representative’s poor English. The rep was ready to hang up when I asked for a confirmation number, the number is: 88789227.

After that I was still angry that I was taken advantage of and deceived, and wanted a credit for the period that the phone should have been at the lower rate. I then phoned again on 7/30/13 and asked for a credit, I was told that was impossible, so I asked to speak to a supervisor, then it suddenly became possible. She asked why I wanted to speak to a supervisor, I told her because you’re not satisfying my request. She then put me on hold and offered me a credit of $30.26. I again had to ask for a confirmation number, it is: 32471822

The reason I’m writing today is twofold. One is that I think you should be aware of the inadequate service you’re providing your customers; the other is that the phone is still operational. I checked today and am still getting a dial tone. I refuse to call back and be lied to again! Please know that if this is not resolved to my satisfaction I will file a complaint with the Public Service Commission, Better Business Bureau, and retain a lawyer if necessary.

Please confirm that the phone is disconnected and that I will be provided with the credit I was promised. Your company charged my mom almost double what she should have been paying all these years and that will not continue any longer. I have recently taken over as Power Of Attorney as my mother is no longer capable of taking care of herself and I will not expose myself to any more aggravation from your customer service representatives. Besides, what’s the point of calling again when I have no assurance your customer service department will follow through with what they tell me?

This letter had been mailed to your Dallas, TX address on 8/2/2013, but the phone has still not been turned off. If you have any questions or comments I can be reached at (414) 476-xxxx.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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